What IF?

Have you ever asked the question; “what if?” I am sure, like the rest of us, you have! Let’s take a moment to explore that question. Ever notice that generally that question is asked with a negative perspective? It usually sounds something like this:

What if…I fail?

What if…they don’t like me?

What if…I can’t do it?

What if…it all backfires?

What if…I don’t get the promotion?

What if…what if…what if?

In this context, the “what if” question becomes an enemy to your life. It dictates your actions like an evil slave driver. It never considers your dreams nor your feelings. This question, “what if”, in this context, will be a self-fulfilling prophecy of your life. If you let it, it will keep you from the fullness God has called you to!


Recently, my life has taken a turn…entered a new season. A new season that we are very excited about. But in this new season I have had the chance to reflect on what my life has been to this point. I am pleased with most of what my life has been this far…but I do believe that there is more! I began to ask myself this question, “what if”, in a positive way. Questions like:

What if…I made a great impact for the kingdom of God?

What if…I could write my story with the end in mind?

What if…I could successfully launch my children into God’s full plan?

What if…I could demonstrate the glory of God in my family, neighborhood, church, and world?

What if…what if …what if?

These questions are challenging and inspiring all at the same time! They wake me in the morning with a passion to seize the opportunity of the day. I am not only asking these questions but working diligently to pursuit the answers.

My challenge, to you, today….ask “what if”…ask it in a positive context!

What if you could change the world? What if you succeed? What if you follow your passions? What if you write your story – how you want it to read? What if you got healthy? What if you knew God personally? What if you lived life fully?

Ask “what if” – I dare you!



About PRDay

Passionate follower of Jesus Christ...longing to know Him and to make Him known!

7 responses to “What IF?”

  1. Diane Marie Shaw says :

    I remember being on your leadership team and you asked us the question: What if you could not fail, what would you do?
    I said: write and speak. Well I’m working on the writing and have two short stories published in Chicken Soup books but I am not stopping there. What if: I write a book that goes around the world and impacts people’s lives for the kingdom of God. It can only happen if I believe it can happen. Just watch. God is on my side.

  2. Pete Smith says :


    Just wanted to publically thank you for being the “Spiritual Pappy” to me and my family. Your love for Christ is like kindlewood to anyone around you even for a minute. You were my mentor in leading worship, leading in the Air Force and being a warrior for Christ. I get really emotional when I think about our friendship and how God has put us together. Pastor Ryan, you are my man 50 grand and when ever or where ever you need me, I am there. Love you brah.


  3. Ron Satrape says :

    Hi Ryan,
    There’s alot of things we can do, but the most important thing is who we are becoming. To believe is to live our being or be-live. When there’s no gap between our being and our living our faith is complete. I ‘m expecting great things of you my friend and I’m standing in the gap for the completion of what God will do in your life with great expectation of faith. Pastor Ron

    • prmday says :

      Pastor Ron – I completely agree! What if my identity was completly established in who He has made me? That’s a person who will change the world for sure! Thanks for your kind words!

      • Helen says :

        Reminds me of the car salesman that sold us ‘gap insurance’ this weekend…. Praise God Pastor Ryan – you have churches full of people willing to stand in the gap for you – praising God for you and praying that God continues to get all the glory for being glorified through your life. 8 )

  4. JaredMichaelWard says :

    Early last week i signed with a division II school called Salem International University and that was my “what if” what if I played ball at the next level. That question then brought me to “How will I” I did it through thousands of hours playing thousands of at bats hundreds of games and above all being blessed with the talent that I have. Every day I wake up and remind myself that someone out in this world is working harder than me at my sports and that is what drives me now that I have accomplished my “what if” my new question is “what if I become an elite collegiate ball player?”

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