Attendance is NEVER Enough

“Those who are planted in the house of the LORD Shall flourish in the courts of our God.” Psalm 92:13

When Cairn and I finished building our first house we began the daunting task of landscaping it. Cairn’s grandparents had a house about an hour away and they offered to give us this beautiful Red Japanese Maple tree that was planted in their backyard. We accepted the offer. A friend and I made the hour journey to their home with shovels, gloves, and a pick-up truck. We had never transplanted a tree…we had bought some before in a nursery (pre-packaged for easy planting) but never transplanted. We began to dig this tree out…we dug and dug and dug. Finally after a few hours of intense digging we were able to release the tree from the soil. It was an intense undertaking to separate that tree from the soil it was invested in. That tree was deeply rooted in that fertile soil!

Imagine local churches filled with congregants that are that invested in God’s house like that tree was invested in that soil. People who don’t just attend but are firmly planted in the house of God! Are you just attending church or are you planted?

There is a major difference between the two. One is casual (even if it’s weekly) the other is committed! One is interested the other is invested. We, “the Body of Christ”, must never be satisfied with mere attendance. The flourishing begins only when we are firmly planted in God’s house!

The scripture clearly implies two types of people in the afore quoted verse. Those who are planted (clearly stated) and those who are not (clearly implied). It also implies two indicators that determine which person we are. Those who are flourishing (planted) and those who are not flourishing (not planted).

When a tree is planted in soil the two come into a covenant together. The two begin to work together to produce what the other needs. If either one, the tree or the soil, do not operate in covenant or do not invest in the other, then the relationship and the ability to flourish will be poor at best. However, if the two begin to work together in covenant, investing in each other, the ability to flourish is unstoppable.

How do we become planted in God’s house? Great question. Being planted is in essence a deep investment that continues to grow deeper over time. One way to tell if you are invested (planted) is to ask what would it take to get me out of this church? How invested are you in the local church God has called you to? Do you tithe? Do you give above your tithe as the Lord directs? Do you volunteer? Are you moved to action when you see a need in the church or do you relegate it off to someone else? Are you using the gifts and talents God has given you to help the church expand the Kingdom of God? Are you in deep relationships with those around you in the church? Is your heart captured by the vision of your church? All these questions, answered honestly, hold the key to determining your investment level.

Get planted and watch as you begin to flourish, full bloom, in God’s house!


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One response to “Attendance is NEVER Enough”

  1. Jacob Ehlert says :

    AMEN! Great word Pastor Ryan.

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