More Cowbell…

I got a fever…and the only prescription is more cowbell!

The SNL “More Cowbell” sketch is arguably one of Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell’s best comedic moments. If you haven’t seen the skit I have attached a link here —->

As I was reflecting, better yet, meditating on the “more cowbell” message, I came across a few ideas that we can learn from. I thought I would share them here.


Life is loud. Often times too loud. Too many times we buy into the idea that we need more when really we need less. We have created a culture in which we look for the next best thing to add to the noise of our life. We have become some noise driven that some people can’t even sleep without noise. We keep turning up the “cowbell” in our lives hoping it will make sense. The truth is…it doesn’t. Cowbell works but only ever so often…otherwise it becomes an annoyance…it wears you down and wears you out.


This is such a great line…explore the space. As if moving the “cowbell” in the “space” will generate a better result. Too often in our lives, marriages, relationships, ministries we try to rearrange the noise…move it to a different night or say it a different way. Noise is noise. We need to recognize what the noise (annoyance) is and eliminate it – not just move it around.


There is a reason why. Now I enjoy a little cowbell here and there…key word “little”, but we get carried away and try to make something that is not the main thing….well…the main thing. Cowbells aren’t featured because there isn’t anything to feature…it doesn’t really require a skill…just a little rhythm. Keep the main thing the main thing…don’t feature things that don’t deserve a feature.

…now back to making gold records…


About PRDay

Passionate follower of Jesus Christ...longing to know Him and to make Him known!

3 responses to “More Cowbell…”

  1. Jacob Ehlert says :

    Nice! I like it PR…. again, you present your message with THREE points. You like the number 3. lol

  2. Pete Smith says :

    Great Word PR. I’ve heard the more cowbell mentioned often but never caught the skit. Miss getting these powerful nuggets. Love you brah and we gotta get up before the week. Rollin out next Sunday morning.

  3. Jo says :

    Hey, Kiddo……….love your website……love and miss you but I know you “must be about your Father’s business.” Blessings……….me

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