Religion Kills

Religion Kills.

It is a slow death.

Many have no idea it is killing them – but it is nonetheless.

The term “religion” has many definitions, for the context of this blog we will use this definition: a man’s attempt to make himself appear right in God’s eyes…could be synonymous with self-righteousness. A great example is Adam – post forbidden fruit tasting. He eats. He knows. He’s naked. He’s ashamed. He covers. The last act, he covers, that is religion. You can read the full account by clicking here.

Here are 5 things that religion will kill…

Religion Kills Relationships

Religion looks out for its self and is willing to sacrifice anyone in its way. It takes a toll on relationships because it is constantly critical, judgmental, and without mercy. Eventually people distance themselves from the “religious” one, because the religious one is always working to be more “spiritual” than  the others attempting to “one up” their spirituality. In these relationships no one is allowed the opportunity to engage in normal conversations…every conversation must be inundated with spiritual overtones. Generally speaking, eventually the only one attracted to the religious one is other religious ones and so the cycle continues.

Religion Kills Righteousness

It is an interesting thought to be self-righteous. That is what religion will do…make you self-righteous. Your works become your way to righteousness. Our righteousness is like filthy rags to His righteousness. We end up with a pseudo righteousness with God and our life becomes consumed with working hard for His acceptance. There is nothing you can do to make God love you more…accept it.

Religion Kills Repentance

True repentance is avoided in religion. If I truly repent then I have to admit that I wasn’t right…and if I wasn’t right then I must not be religious…but since I am religious…I have no need for repentance. Jesus said to the Pharisees (religious rulers); “you search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life.” They refused repentance because it would make them look nonreligious.

Religion Kills Revelation

Blinded by bias. Religion creates an unhealthy, unbalanced, bias. You see what you see because that is what you see. The ability to gain a fresh perspective is all but dead because of your religion. You study and search to prove you are right…so you find what you are looking for. Your study becomes a weapon in your hand to wield against those you are in relationship with (at least until you kill them and they leave). The revelation of life in Christ is drowned out by the self-righteous need to be right.

Religion Kills Rest

Sleepless. Stressed. Religion kills your rest. You can never be free to be you. Never free to trust or enjoy moments. No rest – no life. This point really boils down to the fact that religion is not just killing your relationships, righteousness, repentance, revelation, and rest…it is actually killing you. Give up the religion…rest in a relationship with Jesus and others. Enjoy community. Encourage one-another in the Lord to become more like Him.

These are not just ideas…over the years I have had to assess these issues in my own life. I have decided to lay it down, religion that is, it just doesn’t work. In the end – it kills.

Let me know your thoughts below (↓)


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2 responses to “Religion Kills”

  1. Karen G says :

    Beautifully said Pastor Ryan. Too many people need to hear this. Can I repost??

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