Be Still and Know…


Life is hyper-speed. Everything is paced for instant connection and instant gratification. We are so heavily influenced by this pace it is hard to “sit still”…let alone “be still”.

Most of us are inundated with email, texts, Facebook, tweets (sometimes twits), 24-hour news, and the list goes on. We have accessible, at the click of a mouse, a seemingly limitless amount of information (thank you Google). Most of this information is harmless and helpful.

The problem with this super-charged culture is that we have forgotten the art of being still. The art of the “shutdown”.

The knowledge of the Holy One is found in stillness. The answers to every one of our questions are found in Him. The access code to His Omniscient Wisdom is stillness. Psalms tells us; “Be still and know that I am God” But what does that mean?

“Be still” is a phrase that literally means; to relax, to sink in, to let go, and to be quiet. So many times it is hard to hear what the Lord is saying because we are wound so tight, anxiously seeking an instant answer. We need to learn how to chill out in His presence…sink into Him…be quiet…and let go.

“And know” has the meaning; to perceive, to recognize, to distinguish, and to experience. Too many times we base our life or decisions on what we think we know about God. If we don’t take time to be still in His presence, to experience intimacy with Him, all our knowledge is but a distant echo muffled by the voices of past experiences. The only experience that matters is experiencing His presence fresh and new daily.

The Psalm finishes the thought with; “that I am God”…this really just means the One, True, Genuine God. Often times we demonstrate who our “gods” are by who or what we place our trust in. We quickly run to other sources for our peace, provision, and personal persuasions. He is God.

Put it all together and it looks like this:

Be still (relax, be quiet, and let go) this is how you will know (experience, recognize, and distinguish) that I am God (the One true, genuine, authentic God).

My challenge is to look for regular opportunities to “shut down”. Turn off the world…tune into the Eternal…be still…and know…He is God.

About PRDay

Passionate follower of Jesus Christ...longing to know Him and to make Him known!

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