Education is worth-less…

than an experience…at least sometimes.

This thought came to me at about 2:35 this morning. I was just crawling into bed after an amazing concert in Seattle. The thought came because I was contemplating something that for some is so taboo…should I let my boys skip school?

We had spent the evening in Seattle…together…at a concert of one of our favorite bands, Needtobreathe. Cairn and I had seen them live before but our boys (who are huge fans) had not. We bought the tickets knowing it would be a late night…but not knowing it would be as late as it was.

We caught the 4:15pm ferry from Bremerton to Seattle (an hour ferry ride), leaving our vehicle parked in Bremerton. Our hope was to catch the 10:30pm back and safely be in bed by midnight…yes, on a school night. However, the concert didn’t even end until 10:30pm, leaving us with the last option ferry…all aboard at approximately…12:50am this morning! Add the 1 hour ride across the Puget Sound…and the 20 minutes or so…viola in bed around 2:30ish.

So…should the boys go to school? My answer was simple. No! In this case, at least to me, education is worth less than an experience. Life is about making memories…and that is exactly what we did. So they missed a day of school…it can be made up. What cannot be made up…that moment…that memory of my bride, my two sons, and I rocking to our favorite band on nearly the front row. What can’t be made up? The smiles on their faces and the excitement in their voices as the recalled moment after moment of a fantastic show. If that is what irresponsibility looks like then I don’t want to be “responsible”.

Often times I think God is the same way. He is more interested in you experiencing Him…making memories with Him…than just being educated about Him. Sometimes you gotta just put the books down and rock out with God on the front row of your altar. Let His presence touch you…smile…laugh…dance…scream…and recall it often – moment by moment.

For fun, here are a couple of pics from the show…and if you have never heard of Needtobreathe or The Daylights, here are a few links to some videos of my favorite songs they do…enjoy!

The boys with Ran from The Daylights

Us with Bo from NTB

Us with Bear from NTB

Video Links:

Stones Under Rushing Water – NTB

The Outsiders – NTB

The Garden – NTB

Rogue Machine – The Daylights



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Passionate follower of Jesus Christ...longing to know Him and to make Him known!

3 responses to “Education is worth-less…”

  1. sheila says :

    love it. your perspective…AND your beautiful family 🙂 i miss you guys so much! thanks for sharing this, PR.

  2. Cory says :

    Ya thanx… Iv never heard those bands, they are pretty legit. k… 2 Legit.

  3. Zach says :

    They don’t miss much when they skip public school.

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