Thoughts on Inspiration…

Inspiration is a limitless subject…it is as infinite as God because God is the originator of inspiration. All of creation is God-breathed. He spoke and it was and it is still.

INSPI’RE, v.i. [L. inspiro; in and spiro, to breathe.] To breathe into. To infuse by breathing.

We are inspired people. God breathed His very breathe into us and we became alive. Side note: God did not breathe His breath into anything else in creation…only man. However, we can learn from all of creation because it is the evidence of the inspiration of the Creator.

How then do we become inspired? Let me give a few ideas.

1. Spend intimate time with the Infinite Inspirer. All good things flow from God. Too often, our time with the Creator is spent on wish-lists, focused on Him meeting our need. He is so much more than just a need meeter…He is a creator…an inspirer. Spend some purposeful time in His presence directed specifically at being inspired (filled) with Him. Everything points back to Him…He is the beginning and the end of all things.

2. Spend intimate time with what you desire to be inspired about. George Washington Carver, man of God/Inventor/Educator/Scientist/Lover of Nature/Peanut Expert, once said; “If you love it enough, anything will talk to you.” I believe that. People who love music can hear the music speak to them. The proof of their love for it is in the time they spend with it. If you want inspiration to write songs…spend time with well written songs…listen to them intently…soon they will speak…the notes, the lyrics, the crescendos and decrescendos will begin to tell you their secrets. If you want to be inspired to cook…let your palate experience the depths of fine culinary arts…savor the bites…the herbs, the spices, the presentation…they will all speak…if you will listen.

3. Spend time with inspirational people. Relationships often hold the key to inspiration. Get around people who inspire you. Ask them questions. Watch and learn as they practice their craft. Ask to sit in on a creative session as they paint, write, sing, or cook. Be a student.

4. Spend time doing what inspires you. If you want to build…start building. If you want to sing…start singing. If you want wax poetic…start waxing (ummm…). If you want to paint…start painting. You get the point. No one starts as an expert with genius skills (except for savants but I’m guessing you are not one), so get your hands dirty. Go to work. The more you involve yourself in it the more inspired you will become!

Just some thoughts on inspiration…tell us what inspires you…leave a comment below!



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