Alignment is critical.

Whatever you align to will dictate your destiny’s trajectory.

Ephesians 2:20 says; “Together, we are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.”

The word “cornerstone” is a masonry term used to denote the first and most critical foundation stone set. It is the most critical because every other stone, in all directions, is aligned with that stone. If that stone is not fashioned correctly or laid correctly every other stone, and the structure as a whole will be compromised. If the cornerstone is ignored and alignment is not made, the entire edifice will again be compromised.

The question is; are we aligning our lives, daily, with the Cornerstone? Imagine every new day as a new stone in the building of the kingdom of God. Do you take the time to align the day with the Cornerstone?

Often times, at least for me, I find that my day is aligned by the most pressing issue, item, task…which turns my day in to some sort of chaotic hybrid of what it should be. It causes the day to be off kilter…unsettled.

Here are some stones we tend to align to instead of Christ the Cornerstone:

1. Cash: They say, “Cash is King”…I beg to differ…Christ is King. But often we live our lives as if cash is our king. We establish our days and weeks based off of cash…getting it and spending it. Nothing wrong with cash in the account (I prefer more rather than less) but it is a poor alignment stone…it will always leave you wanting for more.

2. Charlie: Formerly known as the Jones’ but that didn’t start with a “C” and therefore messed up my flow, so “Charlie” it is. Your friends, your neighbors, your enemies…Charlie can be any of these people. You know, the ones we are working so hard to impress with our stuff. We use them as a stone to see if we are measuring up…they get a new car, we measure up  by leasing a nicer car that we cannot afford. I have great friends, and I am sure you do as well. But let’s keep them as friends…not as cornerstones.

3. Culture: As the Church we are called to be a Counter-Culture…not a sub-culture. Let’s go ahead and stop trying to be like the world for relevance sake and just be the Church. Stop aligning with phrase; “Everybody is doing it”. Really? Everybody? Enough said.

4. Crisis/Chaos: Some people thrive under pressure…I am one of those people. I can make things happen when the heat is on. And then there are those people who create a culture of crisis and chaos…there life is a constant “hair on fire” moment. They align themselves with the chaos…they find comfort in the crisis. The problem is…life is short, and yours will be shorter if you align yourself with that. The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God”. If you can’t be still…you don’t know Him as God.

Those are just a few ideas…I am sure you can think of more. You get the point. Christ is the Chief Cornerstone…Align your life with Him. Paul said, “Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ”. (Eph 5:2)

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3 responses to “Alignment”

  1. Dustin Rhodes says :

    That was good it got me thinking about what drives me each day

  2. Miles says :

    Terrific weblog, I await up-dates of your stuff.

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