Take Your Meds

Anyone who has spent any significant time with me knows…I am addicted to meds. I pop them whenever I can; driving…in meetings…lunch…dinner…hanging out. I am not a casual “pill popper” – I try to “pop” them whenever possible!

Of course, anyone who knows me, knows I am not talking about prescription meds. I am not down a dark alley selling my soul for some temporary fix. I am talking about what the Bible says; “A cheerful heart is good medicine…” (Proverbs 17:22) I love to laugh…I love to laugh because I love life.

When was the last time you set yourself to be cheerful or joyful?

When was the last time you took the time to laugh?

I mean belly laugh…like, can’t hold my soda in so it comes out my nose…belly laugh…so uncontrollable that you lose the ability to hold in the gas you have and in the midst of laughing, snorting, peeing soda thru your nose…you, well, rip one (maybe a little too far).

I do have a point. Laughter is good for the soul. It is good for the heart. So many people are so serious. There is a time to be serious but there is a time to laugh. I believe we should work hard and play hard. Here are some thoughts on laughter.

Laugh Out Loud: no really, don’t just lie and respond with an LOL cause you don’t know what else to respond with…actually take time to Laugh Out Loud. I’m not sure it’s officially laughter if you hold it in. Now, let’s be clear here…ROFL…that’s taking it a little too far…you can LOL…but please do not ROFL…people might find you very strange.

Laugh Out of Love: I will admit…sometimes I am guilty of laughing at the expense of others. I don’t scheme to do so…I just can’t seem to help the fact that people do really dumb things and that makes me laugh. With that said…we should work to be sure that we focus our laughter in love. If our laughter is hurting someone…tearing them down…making people feel inferior…we must stop. Laughter is meant to be good…like a medicine for the soul…don’t abuse the drug!

Laugh Out of Life: Life is an adventure. Often times, a pretty funny one – if we don’t take ourselves so serious. Laugh at yourself…like my friend who accidentally shaved his eyebrow off…or my friend who found himself in the wrong restroom…or my curious friend whose curiosity got him while using the bathroom – “Why is there a closet in front of me?”, he asked, as he sat on the porcelain throne contemplating life in a quaint seafood restaurant – little did he know that when he opened the closet (yes, pants (and underwear) on the ground…looking like a fool with your pants on the ground) that he would suddenly be on the opposite side of the beautiful fish tank that the patrons were admiring. Laugh…it’s okay.

Well…I hope you have something to laugh about. Let your laughter ring out. Laugh often. Laugh with your spouse. Laugh with your children. Laugh with family and friends. Laugh…and take your meds!

PS – I don’t care if you ROFL…just if you  do…do it it out loud

Have a great day and be blessed! Leave a comment…maybe a funny story?!



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2 responses to “Take Your Meds”

  1. Carlos Soto Jr. says :

    So check this, PR (it’s kinda gross):

    We just got done with a worship service and we’re coming off the platform to debrief the set. I grab my White Mocha as I’m leaving. As I walk out the door into the “foyer”, I take a big swig and immediately start ralphing and gagging. Students are walking to their class wondering what’s going on and the worship team is looking at me like, “Dude, what is wrong with you?!” I’m blowing chunks into the trash can.

    I come to find out the White Mocha I grabbed was the wrong one and had somehow been sitting on the platform for 2-3 weeks. The milk had curdled and I had just downed a mouthful of it! It was the nastiest, foulest thing I had ever tasted in my life!

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