Experience Specialists

I tweeted this the other day; “Churches: invest the $ U have in2 the experience U wnt…soon the experience U have will produce the $ U need 2 do all U wnt!”

What do people experience when they come to your organization, business, or church? I mean, honestly, what do they experience? Not what do you experience, especially if you are invested, cause your experience is biased…blinded often times by the investment. What do they, the people you are trying to reach with your product…your message…what do they experience?

Recently, while shopping downtown Chicago, my friend and I walked into a nice, name brand store. We were looking for the men’s section (which is often a small, obscure corner on the third floor). As we walked around…obviously searching…I couldn’t help but notice that the “employees” were more concerned with their own conversation (yes, among themselves) than with helping all the customers in their particular store. They didn’t understand the need for an experience.

A great experience will change your organization…a bad experience will change your organization as well. What kind of experience are you offering your people?

The church, often times, misses this point as well. We tend to be so relational (so we think) that we don’t architect or intentionalize the experience. We greet, we sing, we preach, and we repeat…but what are we repeating? Is what we are repeating acceptable as a representation of the King of Kings? We are grace filled, and we should be…but too often that has become our excuse for laziness and unprofessionalism. So the doors weren’t unlocked…so the greeters didn’t greet…so the worship team doesn’t know their music…and the words guy doesn’t get that “no” and “know” are two different words (everyone is now singing “I No Who I Am”)…and so on.

My point? Let’s become “Experience Specialists”. Let’s craft the experience we want people to have. God’s okay with it…I promise…after all, look at the experience he crafted called planet earth. Take time every week to hone in the experience you want people to have at your organization…your church.

Here is another great video blog for churches on this idea, I love Whitney George’s thoughts on the subject of “Transitions”. Watch it here: Transitions

Be blessed…work your Experience!


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