I Love Starbucks…

I am a part of the Starbucks Tribe! I love Starbucks…that is a fact.

I don’t just love them because they make great coffee…which they do. I love them because of their swagger…their attitude…I love them because people hate them. I love them because they stand for something. I love them because they decided they would make a global impact and they are without making apologies.

I just finished reading an article in Success Magazine titled, “Heart of the Brand”, by Success writer John H. Ostdick. It’s an account of Shultz’s journey to regain the soul of Starbucks as he stepped back in at the helm again. It is a great read. It made me think about the local church (the hope of the world), her soul, and how she compares to the soul of Starbucks. Here are a few of my thoughts.

PASSION: Starbucks lives and breathes to create an experience around coffee. Shultz in his new book Onward writes; “When I wholeheartedly believe in something, I can be relentless in my enthusiasm, passion and drive to bring it to life.” Now, I am not gonna hate on the man, but he is talking about coffee.

We as the church are supposed to live and breathe to create experiences around Christ. He is the only Way…the only Truth…the only Life. I am challenged by Howard’s passion for coffee…my passion for Christ should eclipse his. His passion, in this context, is temporary…our’s is eternal.

PURITY: Not really talking about sexual abstinence here…but rather, purity of purpose. Shultz was willing to do whatever he needed to get Starbucks back to the purity of the purpose…the purity of the product. He had recognized that the soul of Starbucks was waning. His commitment to the product led him to close all 7,100 stores for 3 hours in February of 2010 to retrain about 135,000 partners (Starbucks calls all “employees”…”partners”). For perspective, if every employee made $9/hr, that one evening of training would have cost Starbucks 3.6 million in payroll alone…without even one penny of revenue. That’s commitment…that’s investment.

What about us, the church? We struggle to give 10% in tithe. We struggle to pay the price to invest in the experience…the Christ experience. We allow too many things to come in and cloud the main thing. The purity of our “product” is compromised by the pursuit of programs. We gotta get back to the basics. What would it look like if we committed to shutting down the machine to retrain our partners?

POSITION: Make no mistake, Shultz has a position…Starbucks is the best coffee in the world. His position is clear in this revelation from the Success article; “Part of the reason he is successful is that Shultz takes his business very personally. He admits to confronting people he knows when he catches them with a competitor’s product in their hands because “it pisses me off”. LOL! I love that kind of position.

Imagine now if we, the church, took the same kind of stance. Do we believe there is only One Way like Schultz believes there is only one coffee? When we see the world partaking of the other guys religion does it give us a gut check enough to confront the situation? Does it “piss you off”. Strong language, I know…but it’s what Schultz said about a cup of coffee…can we get a little indignant about the state of those going to hell?

Maybe a rant but hopefully a re-ignition of your love for the things of God.

Be blessed!


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