Game Changer

Have you ever been in a moment or watched one unfold in which a certain outcome seemed imminent and then an unexpected factor is added which shifts the game?

That my friends is a Game Changer. The simple definition is: a person, an idea or an event that completely changes the way a situation develops.

Game Changers can have a positive or negative impact on the situation…either way they shift the outcome of the situation. You’ve seen it before…a bad call in a sports game (not bitter, but Superbowl XL is a prime example)…or an incredible play that shifts momentum (Onside kick by the Saints in Superbowl XLIV)…football is my favorite sport thus the football examples. However, this Game Changer phenomena runs in all areas of life…business, marriage, finances, and faith…yes faith.

According to Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not yet seen”. So faith has an expectation of a particular outcome…sometimes an impossible outcome. The situation may be presenting an inevitable ending…but your faith is engaged in a hopeful expectation for a different ending. How do you obtain the outcome you desire?

You need a Game Changer.

Enter Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Game Changer for the believer.

I’m tempted at this point to break into all the scriptures pertaining to the Holy Spirit and the believer…but I’m not gonna. Part of the beauty of faith is discovery through searching the scriptures. Take some time this weekend to really meditate and search the scriptures on the role of the Holy Spirit in your personal life.

Renew your intimacy with the third part of the Trinity…The Ultimate Game Changer, the Holy Spirit!

God Bless!


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Passionate follower of Jesus Christ...longing to know Him and to make Him known!

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