The reality is…this subject is somewhat unlimited. You can take all things good and turn them into a “Convenient” situation.  If you haven’t read them already…I wrote three blogs on this idea…you can read them here, here, and here.

The hope of writing this series was to get people thinking about the things that are important but that are often times taken for granted. Friendships, Theology, Integrity…you could add to the list: Loyalty, Leadership, Parenting (natural and spiritual), Christianity, Giving, Love…insert what ever you feel you might take for granted here _________.

Whatever you don’t respect or honor will leave your life. Take some time today to align yourself again with pure motives…pure intents…a pure heart. Leave the dark shadows of Convenience and walk in the light of commitment. Commitment…no matter the cost!

God Bless!


About PRDay

Passionate follower of Jesus Christ...longing to know Him and to make Him known!

2 responses to “CON*VEN*IENT CLOSING”

  1. Michelle says :

    Thank you Pastor Ryan for a reminder that is needed once in awhile. That we don’t forget the things that are so very important that sometimes seem so small. We miss you guys tell the boys hi from Jessica and Jamie and tell Carin Hi from us.

    • PRDay says :

      Thanks for the comment and read Michelle! We miss you all as well. I hope all is good for you and your family! Will pass on the hello’s! Tell the family hi from us as well! Oh and GO SEAHAWKS! 🙂

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