DIVERSITY…You’re Thoughts

I am currently reading “Church Diversity: Sunday the most segregated day of the week” by @ScottWilliams (if you don’t follow him on twitter you can here). I am also a part of his “Blog Tour” – I will be writing some blogs reviewing and discussing this new book of his…to say I am excited to do so is an understatement. I do not personally know Scott…we have never met face to face…however, his blog www.bigisthenewsmall.com has been a huge influence! I appreciate his leadership.

To start – I would like you to watch this video on Scott’s thoughts…and then SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS here on this blog.

Now that you watched the video…WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?

What is your personal history as it relates to issues of race and ethnicity?

How have your experiences shaped your belief as it relates to diversity?

Are you willing to be a part of the solution to affect positive change?

Please comment below!

God Bless!


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4 responses to “DIVERSITY…You’re Thoughts”

  1. Karen G says :

    I have been following church diversity on twitter for a while and enjoy reading the postings. I completely agree that Sunday morning is one of the most segregated hours of the nation. We hear the expression “oh that’s a black church”… really????? But I don’t know if it is like that because we the people make it that way on purpose or if those of a feather flock together. Let’s face it there are hispanic churches for the simple fact that the service is in Spanish. There are black churches because their culture is more emotional (supposedly) than whites. This upsets people. It upsets the black that the white doesnt want to be a part of their church, the white church says “our church is too white and we need to diversify”, the hispanic just keep to themselves, then their are Asians and others. The fact remains that we are all one in Christ Jesus, we just don’t act it. We could break it down further into denominations and go that route with it. Until the prayer Jesus prayed in John gets answered, the church as a whole stays stuck. He prayed to the father -Let them be one as you and I are one. Still unanswered, diversity is needed.

  2. Charleen Day says :

    I grew up in a small town of about 700 people, all of which were caucasian. When I was in Jr. High, a new beautiful home was being built (a rarity), and everyone was wondering and excited to find out who was going to move into that new home. To everyone’s amazement, it was a wealthy black family, and needless to say much gossip began to circle around….and folks wondered why they chose to move to “this place”. The year was approximately 1967, and the 60’s are well known for the era of fighting for equal rights. Being in Jr. High, I did not really care about what was going on in the world, or our own country…..but I did care about what was going on in our small town….I was excited to have new people move in, and a girl my age!!! It took a short time to become friends with Phylis, and some of my other friends did too, but it was obvious others had their reserves. It was a genuine friendship based on our interests of living life as young teens, and truly we did not understand the differences others saw…we were one in the same in our eyes.
    Upon entering High School the scenario changed, Phylis chose to hang with a more upper class group of girls, and us gals from our small town were not of much interest to her any more….so to answer how my experience shaped my belief in diversity, I can’t say I see a difference…I think we all live, move and have our being in what we choose to be relevant to ourselves. I think the reason there is diversity in the church is because each individual chooses what best suites their interest, their comfort zone, their style of worship. I did attend an all black church one time…I did not feel unwelcomed, and I did enjoy worshiping with them, but for the most part it wasn’t my personal choice of worship, and it seemed obvious to me that they prefered their style of worship. I believe in our church anyone of any race would be more than welcomed….we have people from Turkmenistan who grew up Muslim, and they are well loved and welcomed as family….so I’m not so sure that there really is an issue, but a matter of choices.
    Yes, I would choose to be part of the solution if I think there is a problem. I believe we are all one, and I welcome diversity.

  3. PRDay says :

    Local churches should be a microcosm of heaven…
    How do we become intentional about diversity in the local church?
    What is the percentage of diversity you experience within the four walls of your local congregation?

  4. Mary says :

    I grew up in fairly racist circumstances. I remember being pushed on a swing by my grandmother as she told me about why I couldn’t marry a man of another race and why (each had its own stereotype and reason).
    I imagine that these circumstances probably contribute to my feelings on diversity. I am not opposed to diversity, but I tend to dislike “forced” diversity (ie, when schools/businesses require “x” percentage of one race or another).
    I think that my current church is very diverse, and I love that about it. The diversity comes organically. I believe that this happened because one of the founding principles of the church from the beginning is that racism is not and will not be accepted.
    There are “principles” and there are “tastes.” The principles of a church are based in the Word, but the tastes tend to be based on the congregation. A church can add variety to its music, programs, activities, etc. to appeal to a more diverse crowd (whether that be age, race, gender, or marital status) without compromising their principles. As members of a church, we need to remember that it’s not “all about me,” but its about the kingdom… so we may not like every song Sunday morning- or we may not understand every guest speaker, but that’s all a part of being a diverse family.

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