If Ignorance is Bliss…Afflict Me!

Yesterday my Pastor told a brief story of a visitor to our church. The story enraged my spirit. This lovely woman came forward and expressed to our Pastor that his message was one of the best she had heard…the word had challenged her and really caused her to see God differently. I know, many of you are wondering why that would enrage me…the story continues. After dropping compliment after compliment to my young Caucasian pastor…she dropped the biggest…most ignorant bomb. She went on to explain, as much as the message and the church experience had been powerful, that as  an African-American she could never come under the leadership of a white pastor. If ignorance is bliss…afflict me!

Many of you may be thinking…I would never say something like that. I believe you. The question is…would you harbor an idea like that or would you stand by while an idea like that is harbored? By the way…to not take a stand is taking a stand. Sadly, what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr declared decades ago continues to resonate in the pews of modernity:

“We must face the sad fact that at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning, when we stand to sing…we stand in the most segregated hour in America.”

This is the premise of the newly released book by @ScottWilliams:

I believe this book is a must read for all church goers…not just a must read but a must apply! Scott communicates with great clarity the current state of the church as it relates to diversity and the dire need for her to address the “Elephant in the Pew”.

There are so many directions you can go in discussing this hot topic. Scott does an incredible job of keeping the conversation on point. From chapter to chapter, Williams keeps the main thing…the main thing. Perhaps my favorite “Aha” moment is Williams’ simple mathematical equation. Now, I usually hate math but this equation just simply makes sense:

“No diversity on the staff + no diversity on the platform = no diversity in the church”

I know some of you may be asking; “can it be that simple?” The short answer…YES! The longer answer…the spirit has to be right. As leaders, we must embrace this idea of diversity…not just endure it. We can’t look at as some forced…government run…”affirmative action”.

We must be willing to declare without hesitation…Enough with the racial ignorance…Enough with the segregation in the congregation of the Lord…Enough with passing off diversity as if it is the next man’s responsibility. If ignorance is bliss…afflict me!

As Dr King would said; “The time is always right to do what is right.”

God Bless!


Scott Williams Bio: Scott Williams served on staff as a key leader and campus pastor at LifeChurch.tv, one of the largest and most innovative churches in America. He is an effective speaker, strategist, ministry consultant, entrepreneur and popular social media influencer for pastors and ministries around the globe. He is an avid blogger at BigIsTheNewSmall.com. Scott is married, a father of two, and lives in Oklahoma City, OK.

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One response to “If Ignorance is Bliss…Afflict Me!”

  1. Edgar Cabello says :

    Excellent post! Although the dear woman’s honesty is, well, honest. That thinking is the elephant in the pew. I was hired as the 1st non-white staffer at our church and became the lead pastor in 2004. Why was I even considered? “Because you’re not a real Mexican.” No lie, someone actually told me that. Guess what, I am a full-blooded (Mexican) Latino born to S. Texas parents who were U.S. born citizens as were their parents. Since ’04 we have hired on one Argentine-born associate (who makes announcements in his 2nd language) and one Black associate who is the other primary teacher besides me. What has happened to our church? Yep, everything has changed. That formula works.

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