Kill the “Wish” List

Kill the “Wish” List! Sounds strong, I know, but hang with me for a moment.

The word wish means: to want; desire; or to long for. 

Now, think for a moment about how you use the word “wish” or how you draw up your personal “wish list”.

Let me use myself as an example…I am working to kill the “wish” list mentality in my life. I am a singer, songwriter, musician…I can play multiple instruments (some more proficiently than others)…I taught myself how to play most of them. I used to say (quite frequently)…“I wish I could play the keys” (otherwise known as the piano but “keys” sounds cooler to me). This is a lie…and as long as I continue to declare it, I will never learn to play the keys. The fact is, I could learn to play the keys. After all, I taught myself to play guitar, bass, and drums…but because I have not made the keys a priority on my “to-do” list, well, I still don’t know how to play them and they remain on my “cop-out” list…aka “wish” list.

I have heard it said, and I believe it is true…“Proof of desire (wish) is pursuit” – translation: if I say I desire or wish for something, but never move to pursue that thing then I am simply lying to myself and using the phrase “I wish I ________” as a cop-out.

You are able to do the thing you wish for…but you must move it from your “wish” list to your “to-do” list…matter of fact, just Kill the “Wish” List altogether. If you really desire to do something…than prioritize your life to do it…stop making excuses…stop using cop-out phrases…get busy about doing it!

God Bless You!


About PRDay

Passionate follower of Jesus Christ...longing to know Him and to make Him known!

One response to “Kill the “Wish” List”

  1. katia68 says :

    I wish I read this post earlier…Just joking!
    I loved it! You are so wise about it. Killing the wish list is the only way to move on to action. Thank you.

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