consider the ANT – part 1

I have been debating on doing another blog series…so here it is. This series is based on the simple proverb that states;

“Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise…” Proverbs 6:6

I have meditated on this idea…Go to the Ant – consider her ways…it is an interesting thought. Most of us would prefer to get away from ants…if they are in our house we call the exterminator to deal with them (at least I do). However, the wisdom of Proverbs says we should “consider her ways”.

The word consider is important in this text…perhaps even more important than the ant. Consider, defines the context in which we should see the ant.

Con-sid-er: To think deliberately or carefully; to reflect; to view thoughtfully; or to ponder.

In this blog series, I would like to extract some leadership lessons I have gleaned from a very unlikely source…The Ant.

I hope you will join me in the next few blogs.

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God Bless!



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One response to “consider the ANT – part 1”

  1. Dawn Wendling says :

    Looking forward to this series!

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