consider the ANT – part 2

“Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise…” Proverbs 6:6

The next couple of posts we will continue to “consider” the ant…we want to look closely at her habits, her nature, her tendencies in order to learn. The scripture says that considering her ways will bring us wisdom.

Consideration 1: Ants live in colonies…never alone

Leadership isn’t leadership if you “go it” all alone. Leadership is about life among others. Many can say they are great leaders…but take them out of their offices and put them among the people and the truth will be evident.

Great leaders are great, not because of the tasks they have performed successfully, but rather, because of the people they have empowered successfully. If you are the only one who is great in your eyes…you are blind! how do you know if you are blind? How much do you trust and empower your team or teams?

Leaders operate in “colonies”. By colonies, I simply mean, among others.

I have never seen an ant alone…I might have noticed a lone ant…but looking closer, where there is one, there are many. In leadership, often times the leader tries to do everything, or at least the important things, alone. This shouldn’t be. A great leader is constantly surrounding himself with a team of great people. A great leader is constantly pulling his great people to new levels of thinking, planning, living, and leading.

Some questions to consider:

1. Are you leading alone?

If you are…you need to stop…right now! Seriously, stop reading and start putting a list of people together that you can rally to your team. Not people who can come serve your purpose…people whom you can serve. A team that you can trust and empower!

2. At what level is your team operating?

Everything rises and falls on leadership…if the team isn’t operating at a high level, more than likely you are not either. Challenge yourself to pull your team to its fullest potential. It’s not about having a team just to say you have a team…it’s about the team being challenged, growing, and becoming better people together. Every team has the potential to be great.

3. What is the next big thing the team should tackle?

Is the team involved in strategizing for the next “big thing”? Great teams buy-in to the mission, whatever it may be, but only if they are involved in the process. Do you have a major step that needs to be taken? Do you have a major goal that needs to be achieved? Rally the team – think together, sweat together, win together, conquer together!

4. Do you consistently meet with your team?

A team that doesn’t meet consistently is rarely on the same page. For some it requires a daily meeting, for others monthly…there are some who meet quarterly. Find your flow that works, but schedule the meeting and honor it! Don’t waste time or resources…make sure the meetings are worthwhile, energetic, agenda driven, focused, and fun.

Tomorrow…Part 3 – Ants have no overseer…

God Bless!


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