The Wedding at Cana – pt3

I am excited to continue on in this series. I want to encourage you to go deeper…don’t just rely on my thoughts or meditations…take some time to dig in to what the Lord wants to speak to you! Hopefully you have had a chance to read part 1 & 2…if not, please take a few moments to do so…it will give this post more context.

Now that we see the possible reasoning on why Christ’s first revelation of His glory was at a wedding…let’s now begin to look at the details of the environment and the miracle.

The text begins with an interesting and perhaps often overlooked detail, it reads;

“On the third day there was a wedding celebration…”

Did you catch it? The celebration was on the “third day”! 

Which brings me to my second thought:

2. Why the “third day”?

If you are like me you believe that every word of the Bible is significant. Everything that God is He reveals to us through His word. Numbers are significant. I am not a numerologist, per se, but I do believe in the significance of numbers in the Bible.

So, “why the third day”? Is it because Christ was prophetically speaking of His personal affinity to a rock band from Georgia that would rise to christian fame? Possibly…but I don’t think so.

As believers, we understand that the “third day” has great significance to our faith. I believe that this detail of the wedding at Cana is speaking naturally and prophetically of what was to come.

The Celebration came on the third day…so did the Resurrection!

The Resurrection is what sets our relationship with Christ apart from any other “religion”. Here, at the first revelation of Christ’s glory, there is the foreshadowing of the celebration that would come from the Resurrection of the Savior! The wedding is the first revelation of Christ’s glory but it is foretelling of the greatest revelation of Christ’s glory thus far…the Resurrection!

We are a part of this continued celebration since Christ has come out of the grave. We received new life because He is the Resurrection and the Life! If your walk with Christ is boring or depressing, you need to get a revelation of the life we have in Him! This new life is a celebration…much like this celebration that Jesus went to…on the third day…in Cana!

What does the resurrection mean to you?

Do you live daily as if the resurrection is the beginning of this great celebration?

God Bless!


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3 responses to “The Wedding at Cana – pt3”

  1. Charleen Day says :

    Ok, you almost lost me on Pt. 2, but then after reading this one my oldself in Christ began to kick in, and I am now remembering how I too used to dig deeper in the Word and allow God to give me a deeper revelation as I read and pondered the scriptures. Interestingly, on Sunday Pastor Tim was preaching on Revelation 2:1-7, the church of Ephesus. What spoke aloud to me was verse 4, “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love”. I am pleased to see God at work in you and your blog, and that He is awakening in me that which I have abandoned. I am looking forward to the continuation of this blog ~ Thanks!

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