The Wedding at Cana – pt4

So far, we have looked into the possible reasoning behind the first revelation of Jesus’ glory at a wedding. As well as, the imagery of this miracle taking place on the “third day”. We have not even touched the actual miracle yet.

Let me give you some further context in regards to the setting of this miracle.

It was custom for weddings to take place on the third day, as the third day in the Jewish calendar is Tuesday which was and is still known as the day of double blessing. The third day is the only day in creation in which God declared twice…”it is good”…thus the double blessing.

Also, generally speaking, the wedding festival or celebration would last for seven days. It was often symbolic of status. The more opulent the wedding and festival the more esteemed the person hosting the festival. This proposes a major problem, in that, here in this account they are out of wine the first day of  the festival. This would be a total embarrassment to the host. Thus, perhaps the reason Jesus’ mother was insistent in getting Him involved in dealing with the issue.

She, Jesus’ mother, sets the stage for this miracle by looking to the nameless servants standing by and saying;

“do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5)

It begs the question…

3. Are we willing to do whatever He tells us?

Often times we need some sort of miracle in our lives, our families, or our finances. Our willingness to obey  “whatever He tells us” will determine the outcome. Aren’t you glad the servants obeyed?

Can you imagine being one of the servants? You know the situation…the host is completely out of wine! This lady, not your master, tells you to “do whatever He (her son) tells you”…if you are like me you would probably look for another option. These servants moved to the next moment…they listened to what He said“fill the jars with water”.

Now, these 6 jars were not something you could just carry over and fill. Each one held between 20-30 gallons of water. Imagine the process just to fill the jars with water. There were 6 of them…that’s potentially 120-180 gallons of water that needed to be transported to the jars. I am sure, at this point, I would bail out. This man is crazy! What does filling these jars have anything to do with our wine shortage?

Sound familiar? Too often, we ask God to help us, and He is more than willing to help, but we refuse to listen to His simple and perhaps laborious instructions. We secretly tell ourselves; “It’s too much work”…”it doesn’t make sense”…”it has nothing to do with my situation”…and we disqualify ourselves from the blessing that could and should follow.

Radical worship is radical obedience. The scripture tells us that;

“Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice…” (1 Sam. 15:22)

What is your general response to the crazy things God asks you to do?

God Bless!


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