The Wedding at Cana – pt5

Today, I would like to conclude this mini-series. I hope you have been enjoying the thoughts on this significant event recorded in John.

Before we jump into the final, and perhaps most important, aspect of this text, let’s do a short review.

  1. A wedding: a perfect setting for the first revelation of Christ’s glory. The imagery is rich and directed towards the fact that Christ came in order to purchase His “bride”…we, the church, are His bride! It is the idea of Two becoming One!
  2. The third day: a glimpse into the future glory of Christ. It is fitting that the first revelation of His glory comes on the “third day”…as His greatest revelation of glory also came on the “third day”…the Resurrection!
  3. The servants obedience: this is a critical part of the miracle…obedience! The servants obeyed what Mary and Jesus told them. Their obedience was crucial to the releasing of the miracle.
This brings us to the miracle…FINALLY!
Jesus reveals His glory by turning water to wine. Of all the things the Son of God could do to demonstrate or reveal His glory…He turns water into wine.
Think about it. The people had heard of miracles before Christ…they grew up being told the stories of their ancestors. Stories about: Moses delivering them from Egypt; the dividing of the Red Sea; mana delivered daily from heaven; water flowing from a rock; the defeat of Jericho; David and Goliath; the raising of the dead; Elijah’s prayer that stopped the rain for three-and-a-half years…etc.
4. Why water into wine?
Stay with me here…this is important revelation. Jesus wasn’t just ramping up to big miracles…He wasn’t testing out His “miracle-working power” on something small. This is perhaps the most important miracle that He worked while clothed in human flesh. Why? Lets take a look…
The scripture records that; “standing nearby were six stone water jars, used for Jewish ceremonial washing…” This is significant, in that, six, throughout the Bible, is the number of man. “On the sixth day, God created man in His image…” Also, stone is an earthly material which also represents flesh (earthly material).
These six stone jars were used to hold water, not for drink, but for ceremonial cleansing. This cleansing would be used to wash before and after a meal, after child-birth, and most importantly, for the cleansing of sin.
The water in the jars represented the covenant of God established through Moses and the law. The law was set forth as a shadow of what was to come. The law in itself had not the power to cleanse the sins of the people…it was pointing to a greater covenant that would come. The ceremonial cleansing from the jars was an outward application of the covenant. The water was used to wash the outside of the body…the old covenant only had the power to deal with the outer-man…which is why it was continually repeated in ceremony. 
Enter Jesus! 
Wine is used as a representation of the new covenant…established through the blood of Christ. The water (old covenant) was turned into wine (new covenant). What was meant to applied to the outside of the body was now turned into something that was to be put into the body. The old covenant (water) was now replaced with the better best covenant (wine).
The governor declared, as he drank the new wine, “you have kept the best (wine) for now”. He was declaring that Christ and the new covenant He came to seal with His blood, was the best covenant!
We could literally spend days digging further into this revelation. Here is the over-arching revelation of this first miracle of Christ: He is the new wine…the new covenant…He fulfilled the old law and established the new…what was once an outward ceremonial cleansing had now become an inward once-and-for-all cleansing!
God Bless!

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2 responses to “The Wedding at Cana – pt5”

  1. Dawn Wendling says :

    Pastor Ryan thanks for this series I really enjoyed it!! Hope all is going good,have a great day,love you guys!!!

  2. Charleen Day says :

    You nailed it!!! I was concerned as to where you were going with this, but I believe God revealed a deeper truth through you! I have always wondered the significance here, and at times struggled with the purpose. Well done 🙂

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